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Encuentros con la Dra. Ana Sierra Podcast

La Dra. Ana Sierra y sus invitados te ofrecen una conversación inspirante, educativa y siempre entretenida. Hablamos de diversos temas que impactan nuestra salud mental y bienestar en general. Con invitados, testimonios, conversaciones y consejos para el diario vivir. La Dra. Ana Sierra es psicóloga, especializada en trauma y temas de familia.

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Dr. Sierra co-authored a chapter on volume three on “Social Issues in Living Color: Challenges and Solutions from the Perspective of Ethnic Minority Psychology”

As the demographic makeup of the American population continues to evolve, understanding and addressing the psychological needs of ethnic minorities in the United States becomes more important to the overall health and well-being of society. This three-volume set is the first publication to explicitly tackle social issues from the perspective of racial and ethnic psychology. It uniquely presents racial and ethnic psychological perspectives on topics such as media, criminal justice, racism, climate change, gender bias, and health and mental health disparities.

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