Quiet Meditation

Have you heard that quite meditation, relaxation and all those methods can help you relax but for some reason when you try them, it just seems like your mind thinks about everything? 
Well that is a common experience, it is not because you’re not able to do it or that special people have a gift for it. It is simply the way our brains are wired. We live in a culture that demands a lot from us; personally, professionally, socially, and somehow, we should be able to handle it all without consequences. The problem is not that these interventions (meditation) won’t work with you, it is about teaching your brain how to become more comfortable with silence, pausing and what I call brain breathing!
Begin by finding a space where you feel comfortable and you know you will not be disturbed for a while. Then you can use music or smells to set the tone. Close your eyes and pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind. Write them down if you see a pattern. For example, if you find yourself feeling worry, anxiety or other emotions. It is not about what you’re worried or anxious about, it is about the way your brain is processing those external situations. Then try to just focus on the music and smell. Your mind will drift from the exercise, that is just natural. Whenever you begin to drift from a relaxation exercise, it is completely ok, just redirect the thoughts back to the present; music, smells breeze, etc.… For some people this exercise works better when you add imagery. This is when you think about a specific scenario such as being alone at the beach or in the woods. There are many excellent guides on the internet you can find. Also, research shows that for people who come from a family-community oriented background, imagery is more helpful when you think about scenarios that include those your love and the things that mean a lot in that context. For example; if you imagine that you are home with all your family getting along well, and your favorite food’s smell from the kitchen.
It is always helpful to take it step by step. Trying 5 minutes of quiet time to begin with, then increasing that amount little by little until you reach a good 30 minutes. This will make such a huge impact in your daily concentration, emotional regulation and stress level in general.
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