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Autocuidado Emocional

Dra. Sierra Hemos oído hablar del cuidado personal y de lo importante que es para nuestro bienestar. Profundicemos más. Quería escribir sobre el autocuidado emocional porque es el tipo menos conocido y el más importante de todos. Nuestras emociones pueden dictar comportamientos. Poe ejemplo si experimentamos tristeza, aun la escena más hermosa que tenemos ante […]

COVID19 a Global Trauma

By: Dr. Sierra Grief is the theme of a pandemic, an unexpected and global trauma. This has impacted people personally, sometimes directly affected or indirectly affected. Either way, it is clear, that taking care of our mental health is more important than ever. Feelings of grief range from shock, anger, depression about the current situation. […]

Undecided about therapy?

You might be wondering, how can another person’s presence, words, and interactions benefit your mental health? I mean is it possible that another person can impact me this much? Yes! We all have blind spots, even therapists (that’s why the best ones have been in therapy themselves). The reality is that everyone can benefit from […]

Quiet Meditation

Have you heard that quite meditation, relaxation and all those methods can help you relax but for some reason when you try them, it just seems like your mind thinks about everything?  Well that is a common experience, it is not because you’re not able to do it or that special people have a gift for […]