Organizations face one of the most common challenges in today’s culture, burnout. A Gallup study found that 23% of employees are burned out; whereas 63% will call-in sick, about half are likely to be on performance plans with their managers, and 23% of them visit the emergency room. Organizations can help their employees by providing spaces for healing and opportunity for advanced self-care strategies. The goal of every organization is to encourage optimal performance from their members, which can be achieved by understanding how employees perceive their roles within the organization.  

Despite being aware of the ways in which this can impact health and wellbeing, employees still don’t have enough tools to get them to a balanced place. In this training, employees will learn about the neurobiology of stress, dysfunctional dynamics displayed in the workplace and techniques to manage stress at the psychological, mental, spiritual and physical level. 

Training Details: 

  • 3-hour training.
  • Dynamics involve: presentation, assessment, and self-care activities. 
  • 20 members max per session for optimal learning. 
  • Assessment tools and interpretation are provided.

*For more details, please email us at [email protected] 


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